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Carolyn Wells As a child I would make air-drawings by placing my finger on a point on an object and following its angles, creating a drawing in my mind: in the yard, it was trees and clouds; in church, it was the stain glass windows…you get the idea. I became familiar with line, angle, and color. Soon I was drawing my own images.

I chose graphic design/commercial art as my career direction. My first professional job after art school was as a fashion illustrator for an exclusive clothing store in Omaha. I illustrated the women's and children's clothing for the store's ads in the World Herald daily newspaper. The following years expanded my work experience and provided time to develop skills in design, illustration, and technique as an artist and designer. At a later date, I gained essential skills and education at Kansas State University in computer graphics and design.

I am print and project-for-product oriented. If you have a project in mind whether it be an identity package, logo, brochure, catalog, label, book cover, or design icon for a product you can get in touch with me through email on the contact page.

I have always enjoyed illustrating and painting animals whether in scenic or portrait formats and have incorporated samples of many of them on this site. I work from photos provided by you, either single pet, multiple pets or pet in scenic setting.

Typical canvas sizes are available on the contact page. I will be able to quote a price when you choose a canvas size, number of pets, and provide several photos of that pet.

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